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Nibbana Life was started out of a desire to ensure my dad would always have the CBD he needs to manage his Lyme Disease. So when a local business stopped carrying his product we decided to go into business together and thus was Nibbana Life born. Since our creation we have expanded beyond just Sublinguals and Tinctures, to include edibles, lotions and more. Soon we will expand beyond even CBD products offering an array of Hemp based products so that we may supply the best of every product on the market for every kind of person.

Because Nibbana Life was founded with the desire to maintain our own health, we work to provide only the best products at the best prices for you. We truly believe, through experience, in the benefits that can be gained from these products. So we do our best to make them available to you, under Suggested Retail Prices. We believe you should have access to the products you need at a price you can afford.

Nibbana Life has committed ourselves to weeding out the Snake Oil and providing only potent and affordable products to you. We offer an Assistance Program to ensure that even those with limited funds can have access to these products. 

Nibbana Life is working towards becoming the Number 1 trusted Retail Store of only the best CBD and Hemp based products on the market.

We did not get into this business to get rich. We got into this business to help as many people find the products they need as we possibly can.

Please if you have any questions, message us anytime.

We look forward to assisting you.

Happy Hemping

Nibbana Life Story

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