Beat the Hemp Flower Stigma!

Here at Nibanna Life, we offer a wide range of CBD products, from oils and tinctures to CBD gummies and topical creams, but we think that one of the most misunderstood methods of use, smoking the actual hemp flower itself, suffers from an unfair stigma, mainly because of its perceived similarity to another leafy green product that doesn’t enjoy the same legal status. In fact, since hemp flower is nearly identical to full THC cannabis in both looks and smell, some people are reluctant to try it, for fear of misunderstanding and judgement by friends, family, neighbors or police. We’ve decided to dedicate a full blog article to help our customers enjoy this natural and relaxing method of enjoying CBD hemp flower while avoiding the stigma that some people still have about cannabis products.

Communication is Key (with Friends and Family):

You’re not doing anything wrong or illegal by smoking hemp flower, so why would you need to hide it from your friends and family? Being open and direct about what CBD is and how it helps you will frame the conversation in a positive light and help people understand that smoking hemp flower has therapeutic benefits that improve your life without the feeling of intoxication that comes with full THC cannabis. There are plenty of great opportunities to do this in everyday conversation, like when a relative mentions a painful chronic condition that they are experiencing, or a friend notices that you’ve been in a better mood lately. You can easily use these moments to casually turn the conversation to the benefits of CBD and hemp flower, and maybe even introduce them to something that will help them in their own lives. We have plenty of educational materials on our site from Project CBD to help you learn and share information about the benefits of CBD.

Avoid Smoking in Public Places (Around Strangers):

Although the open and honest approach works best for people that you know well, you may want to take the opposite approach when it comes to strangers, who may assume that you are smoking full-THC cannabis and respond by calling the police. Unfortunately, many people are still not aware of the differences between CBD and THC strains, and they’re probably not going to want to sit through your educational speech on the matter, no matter how entertaining and engaging it is. You will also want to avoid smoking while driving, or even riding as a passenger in a friend’s car, to avoid the possibility of a misunderstanding with the police. You obviously won’t face any fines or jail time for using a legal product, but you may have your hemp flower supply taken for testing.

Disguise the Smell of Smoke:

When it comes to the smell of smoke, even your own backyard is only semi-private, and your neighbors may be able to smell the sweet aroma of hemp flower from a distance. While there are quite a few types and brands of smokeless ashtrays on the market that are designed to suck in and filter smoke, there is a very easy and cheap Do-It-Yourself solution that smokers have been using for years. Just take a cardboard paper towel roll, fill it with laundry dryer sheets, then take a rubber band and secure another dryer sheet around the end of the cardboard tube. Exhale the smoke into the open end of the tube, and it will come out the other end smelling like fresh laundry.

As the popularity of CBD grows, the stigma of smoking hemp flower will fade away, but in the meantime, use these tips to help introduce your friends and family to the benefits of CBD hemp flower, while being careful to avoid unpleasant situations with strangers and law enforcement. Happy Hemping!

You can view our full line of CBD Hemp Flower at: Don’t be afraid to contact us or stop in to learn more about the differences between the strains that we carry.

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