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As CBD products gain popularity (a recent Consumer Reports study estimated that 64 million Americans have tried CBD products), there has been an explosion in the number of products and brands available in the retail space. Unfortunately, this has made finding quality products from reputable companies very difficult for the average consumer. Without the proper research and knowledge, you could end up with a product that contains little to no actual CBD, or that contains contaminates and other substances that could potentially harm you.

As with many products that fall under the broad category of supplements, quality control and product testing standards can vary greatly from company to company. This is because, unlike food, pharmaceutical and many other industries, the supplement industry is loosely regulated at best. In fact, several independent studies have shown that products labeled as containing CBD often contain vastly different ingredients than their labels suggest. A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that nearly two thirds of the CBD products that they tested were mislabeled, some containing more CBD than listed, but many containing less or even none at all. Even worse, toxicologists have found traces of pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, and other dangerous compounds in cheaply manufactured, low quality CBD products. This contamination can occur when the hemp that is used to make these products is grown in bad soil, or has certain types of pesticides applied that linger after harvesting and refinement. Fun fact: many of the aromatic terpenes that are present in the hemp plant actually work as a natural repellent to a wide variety of crop destroying agricultural pests.

You’re probably already beginning to see these low quality CBD products beside the register of shady truck stops and gas stations, probably in brightly colored packaging designed to appeal to teens and young adults. They may be cheaper than the reputable products that you see on our shelves, or they may be priced about the same, bought cheaply by store owners and sold for a large profit. They may actually contain what they claim, but they probably don’t. Whatever the case, you’re playing a game of CBD Russian Roulette with your health if you buy them, with a good possibility that you’re hurting your body instead of helping it. As much as we hate for it to seem like we’re trying to use scare tactics to keep our customers from buying from a competitor, we felt that this is important information that everyone should be aware of before making a decision that will affect their health.

Here at Nibanna Life, we offer only the highest quality CBD products from the most trusted brands that we have personally tested ourselves, after extensive product research. In fact, many of the brands that we carry even offer lab certified test results that show the CBD and THC content of each individual batch of product that they produce. Contact us or stop in to learn more about our trusted brands and inquire about the certified lab results that they provide.

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