Can I Use CBD at Work?

Using CBD products at work to manage and treat painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, repetitive stress injury should be as simple as taking ibuprofen, but due to a number of factors that we will discuss in this article, it can be a little more complicated than that. We’re here to break down some of the common misconceptions and complications that are associated with using CBD in the workplace, and give you a few helpful tips to help you achieve a healthy Work/(Nibanna) Life Balance.

Many of the chronic conditions that we live with each day can be traced back, at least in part, to our jobs. Whether your muscles and joints ache from putting in long hours on a construction site, or your wrists throb and your head hurts from typing and staring at a computer screen all day, you can find relief with the correct dosage of CBD. Unfortunately, since CBD/hemp are so closely related in many peoples’ minds to THC/marijuana, there is a stigma attached that may make them hesitant to use CBD while on the job. Some users are self conscious about the vaguely marijuana-like odor of some brands of oils and tinctures. If this sounds like you, we recommend using oils and tinctures at home, but switching to capsules at work. Other customers are worried that CBD products will cause them to fail drug tests. While this is a slight possibility for users of full spectrum CBD products which contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, it is practically impossible when using CBD isolate products, which contain only CBD. <Link>

One major benefit that isn’t as widely reported as it should be is that the feeling of relaxation and alleviation of stress that CBD helps to promote can actually be a fantastic creativity booster for those who work in industries that require a lot of creative thinking. This is especially true for full spectrum CBD products, which contain minute amounts of THC and terpenes that give marijuana its intoxicating effects. Although they don’t contain enough THC to make you feel “high”, many users of full spectrum CBD products do report a feeling of mellow creativity, where ideas come more easily and thoughts flow more freely, making them better able to translate some of their most creative impulses into tangible results in the form of design, literature and art. <Link>

No matter which type of CBD product you decide to use, we highly recommend consulting your HR department at work to make sure that you aren’t doing something that is against company policy. No matter how undetectable or covert you are when using CBD in the workplace, if it is against company policy, then you’re taking a big risk. If you ask first and are told that it’s against company policy, you can always try to calmly and rationally explain that CBD is a legal, non-intoxicating supplement that you use to alleviate work related conditions. You may just end up being the pioneer who helps to spark change in your workplace, opening the door for you and your fellow employees to use CBD to treat common workplace issues and enhance productivity.

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