CBD and Drug Tests!

Hello Hempers! We do hope you're well and we've found you in a wonderful way. So our time in the shop has taught us a lot of things. What CBD can do for so many different conditions. Who may want full spectrum vs isolate vs broad spectrum and which conditions may respond best to which one. It's also taught us that there is still some confusion out there about what CBD is and what the difference is between full spectrum, isolate and broad spectrum. Also some reserves as to whether or not CBD is safe for a drug test. We'll do our best to answer all of this and more in the following.

First, what is full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum oil is most commonly extracted from the industrial hemp plant utilizing a CO2 process. This extracts 80+ cannabinoids from the plant that all have their own and similar benefits. When taking a full spectrum oil one experiences what is called the Entourage Effect where all the cannabinoids work together synergistically towards whole body health. Now be aware that full spectrum oil extracted from Industrial Hemp will contain .3% or less THC, this will not cause a high. However it may be just enough to show up on some drug tests. We always suggest talking to your employer or probation officer before using a full spectrum oil to ensure they understand it. Full spectrum oil has a lot of benefits when used, however there are other options if you are not comfortable with the THC it contains.

Next we have Broad Spectrum. Broad spectrum CBD oil is either a full spectrum that goes through a proprietary extraction process to remove the THC entirely while leaving the other cannabinoids. Or it begins as an isolate with other cannabinoids added to it giving it its broader spectrum of cannabinoids. Broad spectrum oils are unique in that they offer the majority of the Entourage effect that full spectrum offers while also offering the peace of mind of isolate CBD. It's a great choice, however can be difficult to find at an affordable price. Also be cautious when purchasing a broad spectrum CBD oil. Ensure the product comes with a third party batch test available online. This will allow you to see with your own eyes that the THC has been removed entirely. As always, it's best to speak with your employer before consuming the product, just to be safe.

Finally, Isolate CBD begins as a full spectrum oil and is refined down into a CBD isolate powder, it looks like sugar. It is a highly concentrated form of CBD with one small gram containing 1000mg of CBD. CBD isolates are found between 99.4% purity and 99.9% purity. Meaning there can be found a fraction of a fraction of a percent of THC. That's been found to be safe enough to be considered THC free. Isolate CBD offers the benefits of CBD however there will be no entourage effect as in the above 2 oils. Isolate CBD is most commonly used in edibles and vape juices as it mixes more easily with those mediums. Isolate opens up many options for CBD infusion and is a great option for those that desire a variety of ways to use their CBD!

Now go Happy Hemplings and spread your wings! Fly out into the world and share what you've learned here today. If you have any questions or comments please send them our way!

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