CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety and Depression

CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety and Depression

Most of the pet health questions that we get here at Nibanna Life have to do with pain management for older pets, but many pet owners are surprised when we tell them about how they can treat pet anxiety and depression with CBD.

The symptoms of physical pain that our pets display are something that they can communicate to us very well. A raised paw or a pained cry is a clear sign that they need help from their human caregivers, but sometimes our furry friends are burdened with emotional pain that’s not as easy to diagnose. It may seem to you like your pet is living their best life, lounging around the house without a care, not worrying about holding down a job or wondering where their next meal will come from, but depending upon their species and breed, they may have a very different idea of what life should be like. This usually has less to do with how you care and provide for them and more to do with the lifestyle that best fits their genetic makeup. Certain dog breeds, for example, may feel a biological need to exercise their hunting instincts, or require much more outdoor exercise time and activity than their living circumstances can accommodate, and can be subject to bouts of depression as a result. Dogs and cats have also been known to exhibit depressive symptoms when their living circumstances change drastically, such as the arrival of a new baby, or moving to a different location that they are unfamiliar with. Symptoms of anxiety and depression in pets can include, but are not limited to panting, pacing, trembling, whimpering, aggression and urinating or defecating on the floor. As troubling as it is to see our furry friends suffer, it’s even more concerning that anxiety and depression can actually shorten your pet’s lifespan, potentially taking years away from your already short time with them.

While there have been no large scale trials of CBD products on pets, they have been shown to be completely safe for both dogs and cats, and the vast majority of anecdotal reports show that these animals often show far fewer symptoms of anxiety in response to stimuli that would normally provoke a fear response, including travel, thunderstorms and fireworks. Pet owners who add CBD supplements to their pets’ diets often report substantial positive behavioral changes in both dogs and cats, resulting in happier animals who are more energetic and playful than they have been in years. This effect is even more noticeable when the animal’s depression or anxiety were originally caused by an undiagnosed physical problem that has been causing them chronic pain, such as arthritis or joint pain, because CBD supplementation can help alleviate these problems too.

If you suspect that your pet is suffering from anxiety or depression, you owe it to them to try CBD supplements. You could be giving them a better quality of life and adding years to it as well. If you decide to try CBD supplements for your pets, it’s important to start with small doses and monitor them for any changes in behavior over the course of about a week before increasing the dosage.

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CBD Oil for Pet Anxiety and Depression

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