How CBD Helped Me Love Winter Again

As a kid, I loved everything about winter weather: building snow forts, crunching ice bubbles in frozen puddles, sliding around on frozen ponds with my friends and especially… snow days! But as I got older, the fun began to wear off. Shoveling snow wasn’t quite as fun as building forts, icy roadways were an inconvenient driving hazard and snow days just meant using up vacation time sitting at home on the couch. I hated sitting in a cold car in the mornings, waiting for the heater to warm me up, the lack of daylight affected my mood, and if I didn’t use chapstick several times a day, I’d have cracked and bleeding lips from November through March. Not to mention the off and on colds and the occasional bout of the flu. Then I had kids. All of a sudden, the thrill of sculpting the perfect snowman, or having an epic snowball battle was back. Because of them, I started spending a lot more time outside in the winter, but I still hated the feeling of being chilled to the bone, my lips had once again become a cracked and bleeding mess, and kids tend to amplify the number of colds that you catch as a parent. Since I just started using CBD oil this past summer, I didn’t have an opportunity to judge how its effects helped me in cold weather, but now that winter is in full swing, I can definitely notice a few things that have made winter weather seem a little more bearable this year.

Sensitivity to cold temperatures:

This is a big one, and a total surprise, because I didn’t even really notice it until I had a lapse in taking my regular CBD dose for a few days. When I’m taking CBD regularly, I just don’t mind the cold. That’s it. No crazy, super human, anti-frostbite, sit outside in a pair of shorts like a Buddhist Monk effects or anything. It just doesn’t bother me anymore to be outside in the cold, even when I’m walking my dog in the morning in teens and twenty degree temperatures. I’ll go ahead and chalk this one up to CBD’s pain relieving properties, since I just don’t seem as sensitive to that kind of nerve stimulation anymore.


This one could be a matter of luck, but I’ve only gotten one very mild cold this fall/winter. Non-parents might shrug at this and wonder why I’m bragging about it, but my wife and kids have been sick at least THREE TIMES during this time period. I have read about CBD’s purported immune-boosting effects, but I literally get snot wiped on me at least twice a day, so never thought it would protect me from the viral onslaught that is life with toddlers.

Chapped Lips:

I have no doubts at all about this one. I haven’t bought a single tube of Chapstick, Carmex or Vaseline this winter, and haven’t experienced even a mild case of chapped lips. The coconut oil that is used as a carrier oil in my preferred Lazarus Naturals brand may be part of the reason for this, but CBD has definitely been shown to help maintain healthy skin by moisturizing and inhibiting sebum production. Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having to walk around with greasy goop on my lips all winter.

Seasonal Affective Disorder:

This is the absolute Holy Grail for me when it comes to winter benefits of CBD. Again, it was something that I didn’t notice immediately, because I had been using CBD since the summer, but my normal psychological reaction to not getting enough sunlight throughout the day just… never happened. I’ve heard plenty of anecdotal reports of CBD helping with stress and anxiety, but I hadn’t considered that it may be just as good for the mood changes that I experience as a result of getting less sunlight exposure during these short winter days.

As is the case with all CBD health claims, you should take all of this with a grain of (road?) salt, because these are just my own personal observations, but if you or your loved ones experience any of these conditions, you might as well give CBD a try!

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