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Updated: Mar 9, 2019

So CBD has been taking this country by storm. You may have heard of CBDs many benefits. CBD has been shown to be effective with reducing inflammation, helping with anxiety and just creating an all around wellness of being.

We at Nibbana Life obviously love and support the use of CBD 100%. We're pure CBD lovers and this is what brings me to write this article today. This article will discuss CBDs safety, what to look for when buying CBD and where to go to do your research.

Let us first begin with research. We at Nibbana Life hold education as our primary function. We believe the more people learn about Cannabidiol, or CBD, the more we can begin removing the negative stigma associated with the Hemp plant. is a wonderful place to do some research, we recommend starting with the CBD User's Manual, it's here that you'll get a wonderful primer into the world of CBD. From there we would suggest checking out What to Look for. In there you'll find they mention looking into Third Party Batch testing. This brings us to our next point.

When looking into CBD ensure that the company that you are deciding on purchasing offers Third Party Batch Testing. Most companies manufacturing and selling CBD will make this available on their website and make it easy to find. Like Bluebird does on their website. They've dedicated an entire page to their test results to ensure you know their product is free from pesticides and heavy metals. That their products are pure CBD, not synthetic and that there is actually CBD in the bottle. They also place their batch numbers directly on the bottle to ensure you know exactly what is in it. All of the products we carry here at Nibbana Life are required to be Third Party Batch Tested. If they are not, they will not be on our shelves.

Finally, we'd like to finish with some safety suggestions. We recommend all of our customers speak with their doctors before introducing anything new to their regimen. Your doctor can use this knowledge when prescribing you future treatment. We especially urge any individuals currently on Pharmaceuticals to speak to their doctor before taking CBD. We know that CBD can act on the P450 enzyme in the liver the same way that grapefruit juice does where it slows the metabolization of certain medications, effectively making the medicine stay in the system longer. This is why we urge you to speak to your doctors.

If you have any questions about any of the above or anything else we have not addressed please feel free to message us any time. Or stop in we'll be happy to help you.

Happy Hemping Hempers!

CBD Tips

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